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Happy Labor Day (Work Horse Edition)

No better way to share our appreciation of our fellow working countrymen/women than with an early sunrise picture of our registered Percheron stud, Mack. 🐴 Looking back through history, we would be nowhere without horses...especially work horses. My gratitude flows deep when it comes to our equine partners. They don’t get the credit they deserve. 💯 So, today I share my respect and adoration for these amazing workers. They never cease to amaze me. My heart fills with pride knowing that I’m not alone in this sentiment. 🤠 Do you love and respect horses too? I sure do...and not just today. 365...they are by our side through thick and thin. My hat is off on this Labor Day to my fellow workers...two-legged and four-legged. ❤️ Happy Labor Day...God bless us all! 💋



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