Yesterday was Day 5 of my #MonthOfMeatChallenge. It should come as no surprise that I'm focusing on BEEF, after's what we raise! Yesterday was also Cinco de Mayo and Taco Tuesday. What a great combo! I decided to step up my game of normal ta...

Day 2 of my #MonthOfMeatChallenge!

I love making meals that make enough for leftovers! We get busy out here on the ranch and it's nice to come in knowing all you have to do is warm something up for more homemade goodness. Don't get me wrong...I don't...

Happy May Day!! Did you know that May is BEEF month?! I'm so excited!! I decided to celebrate the entire month of May with a #MonthOfMeatChallenge. What is that? Well, I'm going to cook with MEAT and share a picture of it with a recipe every single d...

Okay, asked so here it is! 
This tee comes in the following colors:
Athletic Heather (Light Grey)
Red (Bright Red)
True Royal (Bright Blue)

Sizes available are: Adult XS - 3XL
The fit is Unisex RETAIL FIT. This means you may...

I can't remember when I first discovered that we had a written family history. But, I do remember being excited about it. History has always held my interest, but I've especially been keen on my own family's history. Perhaps it gives me a sense of kn...

I've decided to post an excerpt from my family's history books as often as I can during this time. I've always known there is a lot to learn from our history and the people that we should thank for our mere existence. I feel that more than ever. I'm...

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