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TNC Handcrafted Soap

I'm now a SOAPER! What is a SOAPER? Well, it's someone who makes soap! :)

I've fallen behind on my blog posts so I thought I would start catching up by starting here. The older I get the more I get interested in doing things I've never done before. Are you like this too?

I've admired good soap for a long time, but it never dawned on me to make it. It's funny how things come full circle. I spent 6 years when I was younger working in the beauty industry. This included skincare, makeup, and good-smelling soaps and lotions. How strange is it that it never occurred to me to go down this road before? I guess things are meant to happen when they are meant to happen.

Anyway, I began researching this past summer at the beginning of October 2023, I dove in and created my first soap bars. I was instantly hooked! Since then, I've created so many different soap bars that I've lost count. This has led me into creating lotion bars, skin cream, shower steamers, etc. The sky is the limit when it comes to this stuff...and the most awesome thing is...I control the ingredients so I know what it truly consists of!

I have gone to a few craft fairs since then and have sold quite a bit of soap. I can even custom create whatever it is you might be looking for. I ship soap all over the place so if you'd like to see my selection here is my shop: CLICK HERE

Here are a few images of some of the soaps that I have created so far:




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