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What Motivates You?

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”

~ Jim Rohn

I didn’t pick up a rope until I was 12 years old. A lot of the girls I grew up around were roping much earlier. However, with me being a lefty, my dad didn’t push me. He gently nudged me, but when I decided I wanted to learn he was there to help (even though he knew nothing about being left-handed).

Practicing wasn’t fun in the beginning. This holds true for most things that you learning. A lot of trial and error is applied along with a time investment. Things don’t usually come easily. You have to hang in there...and remember why you started. Never forget your goals. You never truly fail until you quit so no matter what...keep going.

When I was 17 years old and a senior, I won the Montana State High School Rodeo Breakaway Champion title. It was truly one of the most amazing experiences in my life because I pushed myself and I knew what I wanted to achieve. My efforts reaped my reward.

Sometimes we get lost. We forget why we started. We wander in the weeds. Life happens and we lose our focus. Things out of our control sometimes change our direction. I know all about it. I’ve been there. And to be honest, I’m there right now.

My current mission is to get unstuck and to resume my quest for excellence in the things that matter to me. I’m starting from scratch because life, as I know it, has changed. In truth, it’s changed for all of us. We must remember that it’s all been out of our control, but we must also remember that we can at anytime change the direction we are going by simply deciding to do so.

That’s what I’ve decided to do! Hopefully what I’ve said today resonates with you. If so, what do you plan to do to get going again?

I do know this...great things happen outside of our comfort zone. It’s up to each of us to push ourselves there.




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