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Time To Reset


Have you ever had a computer that slowed way down, wasn't performing the way you wanted it to, or even completely stopped working?

I have. We both know that in order to fix it we have to do a hard reset. You press Control + Alt + Delete in most cases and then let it sit for a bit. When it reboots it is usually ready to go again with no issues.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could do this for ourselves when we things get mundane, lackluster and blah? I think we can.

The past year and a half, I have been dealing with some challenges. BIG challenges for me. I'm talking about health challenges and something not being right. I was scared to death and even found myself bawling my eyes out while driving my pickup one day out in the pasture. I knew that something had to change and fast. But what?!

Well, that's the journey I have been on since late 2019. It got even worse before it got better. Most people are shocked when I tell them about this because they never knew anything was wrong. That's me...I put my happy face on and I trudge forward. I don't air my grievances or issues on social media. So, I did what most anyone would do in this situation. I felt isolated and I completely shut down. I was worried sick about myself and honestly didn't know what was going on. My body was fighting itself and things were getting scary.

The good news is that after seeing several doctors and not getting any help a friend suggested I see a Naturopathic doctor who specializes in thyroid function and hormones. From the first moment I spoke to her ,I knew that something good was going to come of it. I was right! It's only been a few weeks, but I already have felt a 180 turnaround in the right direction. I am SO happy!

I know that I'm a ways from being where I want to be or even where I need to be so the next step is something I have decided to do to help myself even more. I need to do a hard reset of my life. I need to shut out ALL of the noise for a bit and get to the heart of matters. I need to quiet my brain and slow down. How am I going to do this with all of my different irons in the fire? Well, let me explain...

Today is the last day for a bit that you will see me posting on social media. I am doing a Social Media Cleanse. I am also taking a short hiatus from my podcast. I have a lot of soul-searching to do and I figure the best way to do this is to get quiet and let my mind find its way. I am uninstalling certain apps on my phone. I will be hiding a few apps on my phone and only check them when appropriate. I will only be checking my emails twice per day. I am going to focus on some important tasks I have to do and my family. I want this summer to be about experiences in the flesh...not on a laptop or phone.

I won't be gone forever, but I am committing to taking the month of June off. That doesn't mean I won't be present at all. I will be posting my thoughts and experiences on my blog. That is the one place that I can put my thoughts out there without feeling any certain way about it. You may even see things occasionally on my stories (FB and IG). I also may be posting foal pictures on our Lazy Six Nine Ranch accounts. I guess the biggest thing that I am doing is I'm taking away the HAVE TO of it all. Nobody put this HAVE TO on me...I did that. But in doing that I took all the fun and passion out of what I was doing. I started...slowing down like that computer I mentioned. The only way I know how to freshen up is to do a RESET. I am going to focus on only doing things that make me crazy happy!

So, that's my announcement for today. I'm resetting myself...I'm going to sit for a bit before I hit the "on" button again. There will be a podcast coming out next Thursday explaining a bit more, but I recorded it today. It's time to take a much needed break...a breather, if you will. If you are feeling like you need one too...guess what...decide to take one and do it! We all only have one life to life and each of us needs to be sure it's the best one we can create (however we end up doing that)!

Take care friends. Have an amazing June and I'll be back when...

I feel called.

💋Cheyenne aka "The Native Cowgirl"




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