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The Switch - Product Review

This will be my last installment of the three reviews I’ve conducted for RopeSmart roping products. I have thoroughly enjoyed reviewing these dummies. If you haven’t had a chance to read my other two reviews click below:

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What is The Switch?

The Switch is RopeSmart’s roping sled/pull-behind dummy. It emulates a steer going through the corner (hence the name “The Switch”). I am a left-handed heeler. I understand the importance of entering the corner properly, but finding a roping dummy that truly forces you to get there is hard to find. This is why I am truly loving The Switch. It makes you get into position. It’s the same for right-handers and is the most important part of acquiring the perfect position thus pulling off consistent heel shots. I also head (right and left handed). Keep in mind that we mostly compete in ranch rodeos so heading right-handed isn’t the only way to get the job done. Heading The Switch is great due to varying head height, angles, and horn lengths. I think it adds a lot to a practice session and it allows for more than your typical “heading pitch” that some dummies allow. There are also visual guides on the dummy for the headers allowing perfect position every time. The removable blocker rods for either end force a level of correctness that is normally only seen in top ropers. It’s great for slow training for a roper or a horse also.

Here is my video review of The Switch. I had a couple of technical difficulties, but you get the general idea of why I’m loving this roping dummy….and I know you will love it too!

Here is a video of me heading The Switch. I am working on my new horse here. He is a finished head horse. It’s important for me to get him into position on the correct side of the steer for me (and not on the other side, which he is used to):

Here is a video of the guys heading and heeling The Switch. They were roping it together. You will see on this video how much of a tug this dummy can take. To me this is a huge selling point of The Switch also. Dallying is as important as roping in my opinion and I consider it my weakest spot. Being able to dally hard and fast on this dummy really helps me in the confidence part as well.

Someone asked me today which of the three RopeSmart products I have reviewed is my favorite (The Smart One, The Short Go, or The Switch). I will tell you as I told them. All of them! Really? Really….and here is why. All three roping dummies are unique to themselves. They are all functional and you can rope both ends on all three. I truly look forward to roping them. They are all well made. Durability is important out in the elements. Also, I’m all about quality and not quantity. We are ranchers. Money doesn’t grow on trees and I don’t rope for a living. When we invest in buying a roping dummy or a system it has to be all of the above. I say “invest” because dummies aren’t cheap, but they are essential to all aspects of roping. So, in answer to that question, my favorite would truly have to be the Family Bundle. You get all three that way: check it out on!

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