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The Short Go – Product Review

This is the second review I am doing in a series of three concerning RopeSmart products. Last week I wrote about The Smart One. I love that roping dummy! This week things get a bit more fun with The Short Go. I say “fun” because it’s smaller, it has wheels, and ropers of all sizes can have a blast with it. We even had a mini jackpot roping right in our yard with ours. I also took The Short Go with us to a weekend of ranch rodeos. Kids of all ages had a blast on it!

So, what’s it like? Watch this video to see how fun it is: Click here to VIEW

I will be inserting pictures below of The Short Go we own. Please don’t judge… I recently unpacked our trailer from a busy ranch rodeo weekend. I had a bag of flour left over from marking the score lines. Everything was in a neat pile before I left to get a drink inside….it was over 100 degrees in my defense. I have kept my two boys near our house for a few days. After the carnage insued of the flour sack they promptly went out to our corral. I don’t know what it is about flour, but these two boys love it….as you can see below.

My poor Short Go……it got flour lip prints all over it. Oh well, another positive is that it’s waterproof and the flour just added more color. :)

Enough commentary and on with my review…..The Short Go had a built in handle on the top which makes it easy to pack around. I believe this was their intent. The body is smaller than some other dummies. I love how RopeSmart makes their dummies compact with the legs that flip up close to the body. This feature makes their dummies easy to pack along and versatile because you can rope heads or heels whenever, wherever! I believe The Short Go isn’t meant to side on the sidelines not being used. Break it out and let the fun begin. The younger you can start little ones roping….the better in my opinion. They learn to get the “feel” of a rope in their hands and that it’s fun. Roping should be enjoyable and fun for all. Using The Short Go will ensure that.

The Short Go’s legs are not meant to move when it’s being drug around so there is this really handy bungie cord that help immensely. All you do is flip the legs down and thread the stretched out cord into the notches underneath. Easy peasy and it keeps the legs tight when roping.

So, what do I think about The Short Go? I think it’s one heck of a “toy” that can be used by all ages. It’s so much more than a “toy” though. It teaches you that no matter it’s size technique and accuracy still count for a lot. The size and the wheels make it fun. I really like it and I know we won’t be going to any rodeos without it. Whenever I find something that our 8 year old likes that isn’t electronic (i.e. iPad, computer, 3ds, etc.)……I’m all for it in a big way!

Make sure to check out all of RopeSmart’s awesome products on their website at Also, be sure to get entered to win this awesome RopeSmart rope bag and cap in my giveaway.

Stay tuned for review number three coming up in just a few days as we close out this fun giveaway. Happy Trails! ~Cheyenne




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