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The Native Cowgirl Podcast

It's LIVE!!! My podcast is finally out into the world!! So what is this all about? Read on!

The Native Cowgirl podcast is a montage of conversation for anyone looking to add a little cowgirl grit into their lives. Some of the subject matter includes Mindset + Clarity Coaching + Online Marketing + Sales + Entrepreneurship + Hormone Hacks + Health/Wellness + A Bit of Ranch Life Sprinkled In & More!

Cheyenne Glade Wilson is a fifth-generation cattle rancher and was born a “cowgirlpreneur”. She got her first job day-working when she was 11 years old and grew up very hands-on on her family’s working cattle ranch in Montana. She was riding before she could walk (literally). Hard work and tenacity are skills that she feels have helped her along the way. She believes these skills can be accessed at any stage in life.

Cheyenne has a lot of personal experience in business. She has worked in big cities and in the middle of nowhere. She has had bosses and she’s been the boss. She knows what it’s like to work from the bottom up and what it’s like to work for herself. She knows what it’s like to start companies and organically grow them. Cheyenne also knows the importance of having multiple streams of income. Ranchers only get one paycheck per year so figuring out how to earn that much-needed revenue was extremely important in helping her and her family make ends meet. She knows about all sorts of the obstacles that can come along and how to navigate through them. Cheyenne is no stranger to adversity in life and work. She has done a lot of living and enjoys sharing what she has learned in hopes of helping others. She enjoys using humor, inspiration, and positivity to share her message with the world. Cheyenne is a huge supporter of agriculture and women in ranching. She truly believes that the sky isn’t even the limit for anyone wanting more out of life.

Cheyenne went from bankruptcy to earning 7 figures in three years in her side gig...while living 60 miles from the nearest grocery store…on a sometimes-impassible road…in the poorest area per capita in the entire country. She knows what it takes to breakthrough and she enjoys helping women uncover their potential, hone-in on their skills, organically grow their businesses, and annihilate self-doubt. Cheyenne is obsessed with the idea that creating a life that is rich in all things that light them a total reality no matter where a person lives! Cheyenne's calling is empowering women to create their BEST life by discovering what sets their souls on fire. Prioritizing what matters most and how to live a life worth fighting for are daily areas of focus for her. It's all about creating more time and space for the things in life that REALLY MATTER!

In this podcast, you will find business mentorship, clarity coaching, online marketing strategy, inspiring interviews, tales of daily ranch life, and SO much more. I will be sharing stories, tips, ideas, etc. and I will be visiting with some amazing guests along the way too. I hope you will join me on this journey.

You can find me on Apple podcasts right now...other listening options are coming really soon. I will be uploading new episodes every Thursday morning. When you have a few minutes, please listen in. Let me know what you think and leave a review. I love feedback!

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