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The Best Vest I Ever Owned

I really enjoy reviewing products. Perhaps you have seen some of the reviews I have written on my blog. I am very honest in my reviews and I get to add more fun because the companies that I work with always generously offer up the item to one lucky random reader/fan. This review is a bit different because it isn’t my review you are reading this time. That’s right! My husband, Shane, provided me with detailed feedback about his thoughts on the STS Ranchwear’s Sundance Vest.

A cowboy’s vest deserves a cowboy’s review. So, here goes!

We received a box of awesome goodies from STS Ranchwear at the beginning of April. We each had some great things to review. I started out by reviewing the The Medicine Bag and then The Sundance Jacket. I love both of these products! I use The Medicine Bag (read my review) daily as my go-to purse and I love The Sundance Jacket…especially when I’m out riding on the ranch.

Here is a look at the goodies we received:

We are really enjoying the tees, caps, jean jacket, and gloves also. Shane definitely raves about The Sundance Vest.

Shane isn’t a man of a lot of words when it comes to explaining things. I did a short interview with him on it. Here is how that went:

Me: “So, what do you think of The Sundance Vest?”

Shane: “Well, I like it. You know….you’ve seen me wear it every day since I got it.”

Me: “Yes, I have, but I need to be able to tell others what you truly think of it.”

Shane: “Oh….well, it’s the best vest I’ve ever owned.”

Me: “Okay, why do you say that?”

Shane: “Well, it’s comfortable and well made. I like the fit. The black color is good. I guess it is made to be used hard and that’s what I do to the things I wear.”

Me: “Yes, I definitely know all about that.” We usually go through several vests every year because they normally don’t hold up.

Shane: “Yep. I will definitely be ordering another one when this one is worn out. I like how this one wasn’t stiff when I started wearing it, but it’s really held up. I’ll be honest….I had my doubts, but it lived up to the test.”

Me: “Great! I appreciate your honesty about this product.”

Shane: “Sure”

See what I mean….not a lot of salesmanship there. He just likes to tell the truth…..whether folks want to hear it or not. Shane was doubtful at first that this vest would hold up. Believe me, we are ranchers. We get out in all elements. Our products need to be tough enough to take the weather, barbed wire, sick critters, branding calves, roping, shoeing horses, etc.

This vest has seen it all and you can tell by looking at it now in its current state that it’s been through quite a bit in the last 2 months.

So, the fact that Shane said this is the best vest he has ever worn…..amazing! That’s a tall order around here as he has gone through so many since I’ve known him. We are truly impressed with everything we have gotten so far from STS Ranchwear. Are you wearing or using any of their items yet? If you aren’t definitely put them on your list. You will not be disappointed!

Here is an opportunity for you to enter to win your own STS Ranchwear Sundance Vest for the guy in your life (or maybe you are like me and wear men’s vests anyway). At any rate, here is where you go to get entered: CLICK HERE. HURRY!! Giveaway ends this Sunday, June 25th.

Good luck! In the meantime, head over to STS Ranchwear to see what all they have to offer!

Check out STS Ranchwear: We LOVE this ranch wear!




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