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Please Hear Me, Girl.

“Please hear me, girl.

The world has enough women who know how to look pretty.

It needs women who know how to do hard, holy things.

Like...pound steel posts. Saddle ponies at 6AM. Ride all day until your ass is sore exploring the most beautiful country knowing deep down it could only be the work of God. Work with your hands: sewing, fencing, comforting, loving. Warm newborn baby calves up in your newly remodeled house. Pray to God to help you feed and take care of those cows in this muddy snowy mess. Watch those sweet new critters play as they experience the joy of life. Pour your heart and soul into your passion, your family, your livelihood. Pray over your family and loved ones. Pray for those who don’t deserve your forgiveness. Love the unlovable. Open your bible after a long day to find the perfect verse. Be stubborn about your goals. Be eager to learn from others. Speak kindness to a stranger and to that young kid who may be looking up to you. Be soft with your hands and words, yet strong in your morals. Do all the hard, holy things you have been called to do.”

~ Unknown

Be proud of who you are. Don’t allow social media, magazines, or TV to tell you who you need to be or what you need to look like. There’s a lot more important things to focus on than that. Be you, be real, and be proud of it...always!




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