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Here's To The Girls...

“Mares aren’t always well liked and for the same reasons strong women aren’t.

Opinionated? Those opinions are not without good cause and maybe you can't figure them out or maybe you just don’t like her opinion of you. Change it and she will always be on your side.

Stubborn? She just won’t let you bulldoze her. Treat her with respect and her resilience will be an asset to you.

Difficult? You just can’t handle her. You don’t have what it takes.

Stick with geldings then, and leave the mare for someone who understands her and appreciates the same qualities society has subtlety taught you not to like.

Here’s to mares, to strong women, and to those who CAN and DO appreciate them!”

~ Unknown

Dang, those are some strong, truthful words. Do you like mares? I haven’t always. It took me being around them a lot to truly admire and understand them. It also took me being a wife and a mother to resonate with the way they are. Now...I adore them.

Here’s to the girls...ALL OF THEM!



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