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Horse Hugs!

Hugs with Beethoven are the best!

It’s a great thing when our 11-year-old son can walk out to the mare pasture and hug our giant stud with no cares in the world. Especially since Beethoven is 2,150 lbs and 18 hands tall!

We love this registered Percheron for many reasons. Percherons are amazing! We love their build, brains, and beauty. This is why we went with Percherons for our half-draft and draft cross breeding program. A Percheron stud crossed on quarter horse mares makes a heck of a colt! All of last years sold except for the one I kept for myself.

We sure are excited to see all the new babies running around. We have almost 3 times the amount of colts we had last year. Seeing them healthy and enjoying life brings a smile to a persons face!

Take time to hug someone you love today!



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