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Are You A Horse Lover Too?

I just doesn’t get any better than this! Being the first human this baby have ever gotten close to fills my heart to overflowing. I love having this gentle interaction with them at this age.

Our mare herds have a lot of acreage to roam. The fact that these girls like us and want us to meet their babies is such a thrill...especially because we aren’t forcing them to do this.

I’m a horse lover...I always have been and I always will be. I was riding horses before I was born...for real! My mom set a great example of loving horses and how to become partners with them.

Loving horses is easy to do. They are beautiful, elegant, and free. They have amazing personalities and are pretty good judges of character. I’m thankful that I was born into a family that was heavily involved in horses.

I’m happy to say that our son has the horse-loving bug too. And to be honest, I haven’t been around a horse that doesn’t love him to pieces. He’s an old, gentle soul and they know it.

So, how about you...are you a horse lover too? If so, raise your hand!



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