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"The Warrant" - Movie Review

Finding something good to watch on TV these days is getting harder and harder in my opinion. By good, I mean something that the entire family can watch without concern of inappropriate words or situations. Our family enjoys watching westerns. I swear a good current western movie is becoming quite rare. We find ourselves watching a lot of "old school" westerns. I could literally recite many of them word for word. The ones we watch the most are "Lonesome Dove", "McLintock!", "The Cowboys", "Pale Rider", "High Plains Drifter", "Rio Bravo" "The Long Riders", the list goes on and on. Let's also throw in more recent ones like "Tombstone", "Young Guns", and "3:10 to Yuma". I can think of lots of different ones we enjoy, but it's nice to watch something new from time to time.

When I first head about "The Warrant" I was intrigued. The name itself implies the law, which is a common theme in western movies. I eagerly sat down to watch. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it had to do with the Civil War era. There was much conflict during those times and the separation in beliefs was apparent. I am certain that family and friendships were affected during this time. I'm a lover of our countries history, especially anything that focuses on the west and the settling/expansion of it. "The Warrant" proved to be a good investment of my time.

I enjoyed the movie and the storyline. I saw some familiar faces in the actors and actress (Neal McDonough, Annabeth Gish, Steven R. McQueen). I enjoyed the fact that there were no filthy words and the under the surface humor was quite apparent. The movie is based a serious subject and a strained friendship. It was interesting to learn the backstory and then to follow along as the plot unfolded. The ending was on point and it ended with the "good guys" on top. Maybe it's just me, but I like that. It reminds me of simpler times when right was right.

I definitely recommend watching "The Warrant". My blog post is quite timely also since it debuts on INSP tomorrow! You can watch it on Saturday, June 20th at 8 pm EST. INSP can be found at:

Dish Network Channel: 259

DirecTV Channel: 364

Set some time aside on Saturday to watch or at the very least set your'll be glad you did! And if you missed this post keep an eye out because INSP is really good about replaying new shows so everyone can get in on watching them. Enjoy! ~Cheyenne



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