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Ultimate Cowboy Showdown

Whew! Catching up's been a whirlwind of activity here on the ranch the past few weeks. For all in ranching you know what I'm talking about, but if you are new to ranch life I'll fill you in. Fall is the time of year that we work our cows and calves, sell/ship our calves, and pregnancy check our cows. In between all of that we are getting our cattle out into fall/winter pastures, winterizing pipelines, water tanks, and fencing. The work is never done...but that's not a bad thing!

I find that our days start early and end when the sun goes down. That comes earlier this time of year, which for most of us in agriculture is welcome. As the saying goes, we make hay while the sun shines. In other words, we work, work, work when the sun is up. When the sun goes down it's time for other activities. Book work is something that never stops as is housekeeping, cooking, cleaning, etc. Something else that we enjoy this time of year is the return of fall tv shows. We pick and choose which our favorites are. We don't spend all of our evening hours watching tv, but when something is special to us we make time to watch.

Luckily, INSP keeps us looking forward to quality, family-appropriate television. I was contacted back in September to watch the premiere of their newest show, Ultimate Cowboy Showdown. I watched it eagerly and immediately liked what I saw. I intended to write a blog post right away about it, but decided to wait a bit as it wouldn't begin until the middle of October. Needless to say it's the 17th of October and I'm just now getting to it. I won't bore you with the details of why I'm tardy, but let's just say I've learned it's better late than never in certain situations.

Have you watched the Ultimate Cowboy Showdown yet? If not, do it tonight....tomorrow night....skip Saturday nigh, and watch the finale on Sunday nightt! It runs for 6 nights total and there is a new episode each night. I have to say....I LOVE this format! It has kept us eager to tune in each night with the previous night's episode fresh in our minds. We haven't missed a live show yet and don't plan to miss any. My family and I like shows like this. It's the cowboy version of Survivor. I don't mean they are on an island fending for themselves. What I'm referring to is the competition around it all as well as the elimination factor. This is a show that really speaks to me because of the ranch setting and the cowboys and cowgirls who are competing for a herd of cattle. The daily competitions come complete with immunity and an elimination of some kind each night. Oh, and one other cool thing.....the host is none other than country music star, Trace Adkins!

The first episode was good at getting everyone familiar as well as helping us to connect with each of the 10 cowboys and 2 cowgirls in the completion. Here is who all started:

Cody Brewer, Rickman, TX

Jason Davis, Washington, DC

Cuatro Houston, Devine, TX

J Storme Jannise, Hamshire, TX

Hadley Hunting, McKinnon, WY

Derek Lacasa, Hollister, CA

Juan Carlos Villalpando, Chula Vista, CA

Jared Lee, Live Oak, FL

Tara Powers, Numa, IA

Ethan Treadwell, Frederick, OK

Cole Sandau, Mandan, ND

Zane Runyan, Roswell, NM

I won't give details as to whom has been eliminated thus far or who is still in the running. One of the great thing about INSP is that there are more opportunities to watch the show. You can actually head over to their website and watch them right there. Click here to check it out!

As I said earlier, some times it's better late than never. If you are late to the party, no biggie....get hooked up right now. You can get up to speed at the link above and you can tune in tonight at 6 pm PST, 7 pm MST, 8 pm CST, and 9 pm EST on INSP. You can find INSP on:

Dish Network - Channel 259

DirecTV - Channel 364

I'm excited about tonight's episode and seeing who is actually crowned with the title of the Ultimate Cowboy. These cowboys and cowgirls are doing what they love and are focused on taking home the title along with an amazing prize of $50,000 worth of cattle to call their own. How awesome is that?!

I hope you ride along with me in watching!



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