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What You Focus On Grows!

Which did you notice first…the bright mural or the weeds down in front? Isn’t it funny that for everything bright, cheery, and beautiful in life there is something opposite that tries to creep in? 😮 It’s important to check ourselves and take note of where our focus is. When you woke this morning did you dread that it’s Monday or did you have gratitude in your heart for the gift of another day? 🙌🏼 Life can be as bright as this mural if we place our attention on the colors and don’t let the presence of the weeds interrupt our focus. There will always be things around us that will try to hinder our growth, dull our sparkle, or even drag us down. The difference on where they inch into our lives is determined by our self-discipline. 💯 Fill your mind with positive, motivating things. Reading is a great way to do this as is listening to podcasts or audio books. Always choose something inspiring, motivation, uplifting, and educational in things you want to learn. Turn off the TV and shut out the noise. Focus on doing this for a minimum of 60-90 minutes per day. Turn off electronics an hour before bed. Get in the practice of naming off 5 things you are grateful for immediately upon waking. These things will make a big difference in your life! ❤️ We are all students on this journey. Lifelong learning is something we should all commit ourselves to daily. As we do this, our lives will become more like the bright mural. The weeds will just be on the side not being paid any notice. What you focus on grows!



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