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25,000 Instagram Followers Giveaway!

HOLY EXCITING!!! Yesterday my Instagram account hit a big milestone...25,000 Followers!! That's TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND!!! I'm speechless!

To celebrate in true #TNC fashion...I felt compelled to do a giveaway! I do this often and for those of you who follow me on social know that! However, you may not be following me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or You Tube. To make it easy to do so I've added my link so all you have to do is click on them to get connected below. Believe don't want to miss out as I'm beginning to collaborate with some awesome makers and companies. Stay tuned for the next giveaway....and if you want to get entered into this one please do! Click my Instagram link below and find the post that has the picture above in it (it should be near the top). I will draw a winner on my Instagram on Monday, January 28th. :)



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