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MT Wild Rags Review

My family and I recently had the privilege of doing a product review of one of my favorite things...wild rags! You may or may not know what that is so here's an explanation taken from the MT Wild Rags website.

What is a Wild Rag? A Wild Rag is a Cowboy or Buckaroo Scarf generally made out of silky materials due to it's absorbent, naturally wicking properties and the ability to keep you dry. Because silky material is generally warmer than wool it makes it the best choice of fabric for the working cowboy despite the weather he or she may encounter. Wild Rags were an old cowboy tradition that lives on in today's working cowboy because of the versatile uses of the scarves. They keep you warm in the winter, and can be dipped in water to keep you cool in the summer and they protect you from the wind and summer year round.

I love it when there is such a detailed description attached to a product. I have to admit....I've never worn a wild rag in the summer (dipped in water to keep me cool), but after reading that I'm going to try about 8 months! Until then my family and I will enjoy wearing a wild rag every single day out here on the ranch. We don't stop there though as we wear them to town all winter long. I have "going to town" wild rags and "work" wild rags. If you're smiling at this it's because I'm not the only one who does this. :)

Cold weather recently hit us. I eagerly got out the brand new wild rags that Tracy Taynor from MT Wild Rags has so graciously sent me a few months back. She had reached out to me to try out her wild rags and do a review on them. I quickly agreed because of how much we love these fun, but necessary items. I also loved that she was based in Montana (my husband and I are Montana natives). I laid out the wild rags Tracy had sent. My son, Stone, spied a bright green paisley that he wanted (he loves anything green). He excitedly put it on. Stone dislikes tying tennis shoes when he has to wear them, but he has no problem trying a respectable knot in his wild rag (does that say ranch kid or what)! :) I grabbed out the gorgeous turquoise one with a red hem on it that Tracy had made for me special. I love turquoise and red. She said she would make one special just for me and she nailed it! Here we are wearing our MT Wild Rags last weekend putting out salt and mineral. We were glad to have them on to keep that cold wind off our necks!

One thing I have to say is that these wild rags are packaged so nicely. They are in a sealed, clear plastic pack and inside each one comes with a care card. She also included a couple of business cards in the box along with a handwritten note. What a nice touch!

o, what are our thoughts on MT Wild Rags? I love the size! I was surprised how big it was. Tracy asked me if a 44" would work for me and I said sure. Let me admit right here that I've never had one this big before and I've always shied away from them because I thought they would be "too much" for me. I opened it up and it looked enormous. I put it on was PERFECT! It didn't bunch up and I didn't feel like I was drowning in too much fabric. I have a new favorite now...the bigger the better if it's from MT Wild Rags! :) Stone loved his too. He is wearing a standard 36" in the pictures. He said it fit him perfectly and it certainly looked good on him too. He kept warm while mixing mineral!

The feel of these MT Wild Rags is nice too. They don't feel too light, but they aren't too heavy. They are silky soft, but have substance. Substance is a good thing when it comes to keeping out the elements out here where the temperatures can get to 20 below zero. Another good quality is that they be washable, durable, and affordable. I really admire the fact that each wild rag isn't made until it's ordered so they definitely have a custom feel about them. Speaking of custom...MT Wild Rags will do that for you too so be sure to get a hold of Tracy if you are looking for something special. You can reach her at 406-366-3943. She can also be found on Facebook at MT Wild Rags and you can follow her on Instagram @mtwildrags.

MT Wild Rags will make a wonderful gift for the cowboy or cowgirl in your life (or anyone truly who wants to stay warm and look stylish while doing it). I love to give wild rags in general for Christmas and birthday gifts. Speaking of Christmas...did you know it's a little less than 11 weeks until Christmas? What great stocking stuffers these would make! How can you get your own MT Wild Rags? Head over to: or email Tracy directly at I know she will work with you to get you exactly what you are looking for.

One last thing...Tracy graciously sent another wild rag for me to giveaway. Yay! You guys know how much I love to do these. watching tomorrow (Friday, October 12th). This giveaway will be posted on my Instagram @thenativecowgirl and on my Facebook fan page. I'm always starting to do bi-weekly emails to my fans. Make sure you subscribe by clicking here. This way you will be "in the know" and you'll have a direct line on how to enter to win! ~Cheyenne



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