SHEFIT Review & Giveaway

A bra is a bra, right? WRONG!! Normal life requires a decent bra, but add in activities like horseback riding, vigorous exercise/sports, or any activity that creates lots of movement and quite possibly you will suffer through it. Suffer?'s no fun when the "over the shoulder boulder holder" you have is allowing more movement than is comfortable. By the way, I had to say that....a little humor thrown in when talking about this subject is necessary in my opinion. :)

I compete in women's ranch rodeo events (WRRA). We ride hard, we rope, we jump off, we mug steers down and we tie them up...we move A LOT! When we move our "girls"'s a gravity thing. The more endowed you are the bigger the problem. To give you an idea of what women's ranch rodeos are like, here's a few pics of the Lazy Six Nine women's ranch rodeo team in action:

From left to right: Me, Jamie Kirkpatrick, Charmayne Strong, Konnar Knotwell

Tying up a steer in the Mugging/Tie Down event.

Heading & Heeling a steer in the Doctoring event.

Getting it done in the Branding event.

Me tailing down a steer in the Mugging/Tie Down. Not everyone understands why we do what we do, but I love it and in truth that's all that matters to each of us when we are doing something we are passionate about!

My goal in looking for a sports bra has always been to limit movement, but to also be comfortable. I'm getting ready to turn 45 in about a week. I got my first bra at 12. I didn't have a lot of issues with movement when I was younger, but once I got into my 20's and beyond it became an issue. Add in having a child at 35 and my need for support more than doubled. The fact that I am very active out here on our working cattle ranch adds to the necessity for something that I never thought existed. Luckily, there are so many smart folks out in the world that create things to improve our lives. I stumbled upon SHEFIT purely through conversation with my mom. Somehow she had come across them and ordered one. I was intrigued, but for some reason I never ordered one. Perhaps it's because I had tried so many others that simply were useless (I have a drawer full of them). I sort of gave up on the idea that there was a bra out there that was supportive, comfortable, and looked decent. It took watching a video of me competing (Yikes!) for me to make a decision that I needed to check out these bras. Here comes more humor....that video reminded me of something I've heard said around here - it looked like two bobcats fighting in a gunny sack. We have no problem being funny to get our point across. It creates a good visual don't you think? lol At any rate, it was time for some SUPPORT!! Hence, my decision to #SHEFIT.

My first day wearing the SHEFIT Ultimate Sports Bra (I took a picture of it in the grass at the rodeo before I put it on).