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Danni Jo Designs & Giveaway

What gal doesn't love beautiful handbags and jewelry? None that I can think of! I love unique items when it comes to these items so it worked out perfectly to showcase my friend Danni Hinman, owner/designer of Danni Jo Designs! And to add a giveaway from her? Even more perfect!

Danni resides near Hay Springs, NE. She began Danni Jo Designs in July of 2016. She offers handmade purses and jewelry. She also revamps vintage bags and vintage vests. Here is a sampling of some of her work:

I love seeing talent and passion come together. Danni definitely showcases both in her items. She got started because she always loved designing. Accessories are her passion, so she decided to turn it into a business. She started traveling to all of the big stock shows and rodeos with a company called MP&KD Horn and Leather Shop in 2015. The owner (Duane Miller) has given her countless opportunities with the products that she designs and he lets her showcase them in every booth that they set up! It sounds to me like it's a match made in heaven! Here are a few more pictures from those displays:

How can you find Danni Jo Designs? Several places! Check out her amazing creations at:

Now for some excitement! Click here to get entered to win a $50 gift certificate from Danni Jo Designs! Have fun browsing her shop and if you want something custom done all you need to do is message her on one of her pages. Enjoy! ~Cheyenne

Congrats to my winner: Loreen Lindsey!



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