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Buckaroo Sweater Winner & Blaze Tee Giveaway

Our weather is unbelievable today! Cold, snow, and more snow! This definitely isn't favorable or fun during calving season. My thoughts and prayers go out to us all dealing with Mother's Natures fits. I found a picture from 5 years ago today of us at a the dirt. It's always amazing to me how different each year is from the next. Check this out!

I know we need moisture, but if I had a choice I would take rain over cold and snow any day. So, until then I'm going to dream of sunshine and green grass as I know they will be here soon!

Onto a more pleasant topic......It's Friday and you know what that means.....another giveaway from yours truly! #TNCGiveaways always happen on Fridays. Here's what is up for grabs today through next Thursday.....a Blaze Tee giveaway in your size and color choice (these choices can be seen in the TNC Shop). These baseball tees are so dang comfortable (they are my fave and yes, I'm wearing one right now) and they are true to fit (and a bit roomy, which is nice). Get entered to win yours by hopping on to my giveaway page and get signed up! Click here

Also, be sure to like and share this same graphic on my Facebook page to increase your odds of winning. Click the graphic below to be directed to my page!

I love giving things away to my fans to show appreciation to all of you for following me on this fun journey called life! Here is a graphic of the Buckaroo Sweater (gift certificate)that I'm giving away later today - LIVE on my FB fan page.

These things are so warm and cozy! It's a perfect day to put one of these on and appreciate it. I hope you got entered to win one of these! If you didn't I know Coyote Valley Saddle Shop is offering 25% off these awesome sweaters. Check them out on their website! You can tell from all three of our smiling faces that we love ours (bottom right corner below)!!

I will be announcing the winner of the Blaze tee giveaway on FB Live on my fan page next Friday (4/13). Next week I'm looking forward to reviewing another fun product. Hope to have you on the ride with me! ~Cheyenne aka The Native Cowgirl




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