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Why Am I Loving KETO?!

Hey everyone! Confession time......I am SLAMMED!!!

Sometimes that happens in life right?! I am involved in 4 different businesses and sometimes things pop up that cause me to totally refocus and put importance in different places than I envisioned a day earlier.

So, with that said, I want to be accountable here so I will be blogging weekly on my KETO journey. My blogs may not be exactly on Wednesday as this one isn't, but I will be making a valiant attempt! :)

I am loving KETO and I'm so excited to see what each day brings. To understand what I'm doing watch this video:

Lots of you have messaged wondering exactly what it is that I am doing. Also you are wanting to know what I am eating. So, please watch this video as I answer those questions:

I hope this tides you over until I can get caught up and post some recipes.

Stay tuned for that next week and make sure we are connected on Facebook!

XOXO Cheyenne




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