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Staying Warm on the Ranch

I forgot about an interview I did a month or so ago with Western Horseman until I was flipping through their January 2021 issue. To my surprise, my name jumped off the page at me!

The interview focused on winter clothing (cold weather wear). I talked about what I wear and what works best while ranching here at the Lazy Six Nine Ranch in extreme cold temperatures. I’m a fifth generation rancher so I’ve had plenty of experience in my 47 years of what helps ward off the cold.

Have you had a chance to read the new issue of Western Horseman yet?

If you have or if you do let me know what you think. Do you wear similar clothing? Do you have other suggestions? I love learning new ways to keep the chill at bay.

This winter hasn’t been exceptionally cold yet, but calving will be here in two months. In my experience that’s when Mother Nature likes to throw us a curve ball. Perhaps she won’t this year, but if she does I’ll be ready for her. I hope you are too!




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