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Rollin' Coal

We, at the Lazy Six Nine Ranch, love following colts that we have bred and raised. Coal is one of our favorites!

This coming two year old, half-draft filly is one that makes our eyes widen and our pride deepen. She now lives in Oregon with the most amazing family!

Coal is doing great learning how to wear a bosal and how to pack a saddle. She won’t be ridden for some time. This picture is a testament of the kind of training we admire. Taking the time and going slow has big benefits!

The three gals of Coal’s family are very hands on with her. They have done some amazing things in a short time. We eagerly watch for their posts and pictures. The love this filly has for them is easy to see…and it goes that way for them too.

We can’t wait to see what these gals achieve together. Talk about maximum girl power!!

Coal’s mama (I call her “27”) is bred back to Mack again this year. We are all anxious to see her half-draft foal coming in June!

Oh, I mustn’t forget…Coal has her own page too. Please follow and see what incredible things she does next! @rollinwithcoal


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