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Rattlesnakes Are No Joke!

Don’t mind me…I’ll just be over here changing my pants!

I’ve lost count of how many rattlesnakes we have done away with here in South Dakota. We have a huge mason jar (like you find in the bulk food items section in the grocery store). It is almost 3/4 full of rattles that we’ve gotten over the last 16 years. And that doesn’t count the snakes whose rattles were ruined or small that we didn’t remove.

Some summers are worse than others. We’ve had rattlesnakes in snow banks too (not joking). It’s scary around here. We’ve had numerous dogs, horses, and cattle bitten. We haven’t lost any thankfully because a vet friend of ours gave us advice on what to give our animals when bitten and it’s worked well every time.

Unfortunately, a few years back our young neighbor boy was bitten while playing in his sandbox and had to be life-flighted. He survived, but it was very costly for his family, bit to mention traumatic.

I don’t hate a lot of things, but I can honestly say that rattlesnakes are in that category. I see absolutely no use for them whatsoever. Don’t try to change my mind.

I’m thankful our pup has good snake-sense. She let us know it was there, Shane grabbed his shotgun, and the rest is history.

This snake has been heard rattling under our house and near our porch and shop. It was found right outside of our son’s bedroom window. It’s a big one and I’m glad it met it’s demise.

We are always alert out here and we wear boots everywhere. No matter where you are be aware of your surroundings. Rattlesnakes are dangerous and can be deadly. Be careful out there!

Happy Monday, friends!

➶ Cheyenne




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