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I'm a REALTOR®!!

It is finally time to share my exciting news!

I went through Real Estate school in December, took and passed my test in January, and officially joined the Corder and Associates team on Tuesday. I can't describe how elated I feel!

My dad offered to pay my fees to attend real estate school 20 years ago, but I wasn't ready. I have thought about it over the years, but something didn't feel right. Perhaps I needed more life experience and more time living on the land. Whatever it was, the stars finally aligned in the latter part of 2021 and I knew it was the right time. So, here I am...a licensed REALTOR® (specializing in Farm, Ranch & Recreational Real Estate)!

I decided to get my license in Montana first. Being native to the state is something I hold dear. I know quite a few folks across the state and I'm looking forward to knowing even more. I love to drive so I imagine my pickup will be racking up the miles as I show off this amazing country we live in. I will be getting licensed in South Dakota and Wyoming as soon as I can.

Being a fifth generation rancher has allowed me to learn so much over the years. Business ownership has taught me a lot about the importance of customer service and putting all you have into what you do. Having a deep-rooted respect and love for the land only furthers my commitment to helping others to find their little piece of heaven on earth as well. Here's to new beginnings...





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