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Fall Is Here!

Today is the first day of fall...can you feel it?

I can and I’m rejoicing. I love this time of year!

As cattle ranchers this is when we experience the fruit of our labor so to speak. In less than a month we will be shipping our calves and preg-checking to see how many bovine baby mamas we have in our herd.

We will also be weaning our draft-cross colts in a month. Many of them will be headed home with their new owners.

This time of year brings lots of reflection for me and also a sense of satisfaction. Sometimes a person gets frustrated and wonders what it’s all for...this answers that big time.

Whenever I’m in doubt I remember how blessed I am to live this life and to be carrying on what my family started five generations ago. I also feel fortunate to be raising the sixth generation of our family’s legacy.

Pride and sense of worth in what you do is so important. What are you proud of in your life right now?

Happy Autumn Equinox, friends!




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