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And That's A Wrap...RanchHer Style!

And that’s a wrap!

Filming finished up yesterday here in South Dakota for an upcoming episode of @ranchhertv

I was humbled and honored to have been chosen to be featured on the show. What a pleasure it was meeting Kirbe, Joel, and Brian and getting to know them. Fantastic folks!

If the current situation of the world has taught me anything it’s even deeper gratitude than I’ve ever had before. I’m so grateful for the people and relationships in my life. I feel so blessed to live the life I do out here in the middle of nowhere! I’m getting even more focused on quality and not quantity in all areas of my life. The glass is always half full and I’m so glad to just be alive! How about you?

I’m not certain when this episode will air on the @cowboychannel but I will let you know as soon as I do. I’m super excited to see the finished product!




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