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A MUST have bag by STS Ranchwear!!!!

I've been reviewing the STS Ranchwear Medicine Bag for the last couple of weeks and I have to say it's become my new favorite. All other bags have been tossed aside!

It's funny how things have a way of finding us when we least expect it. I am pretty particular about certain things in my life. I like my ball caps to fit a certain way. The same can be said for my jeans, my boots, and my tops. I'm particular about my handbags too. I've had trouble in this department. I don't consider myself a fashionista by any means. I'm a working cowgirl so I need practicality coupled with necessity. If that can be combined with something updated and cute I will become a big fan.

That is what has happened with The Medicine Bag. The folks at STS Ranchwear have hit a home run in my opinion. Here is what I like about this fun bag:

  • It's small, but not too small.

  • It's got fringe (just enough).

  • The strap is soft and the length is perfect for a cross body bag (it is also adjustable).

  • It zips shut easily with a YKK hardware zipper.

  • The STS logo is perfectly showcased on its side.

  • It's fashionable.

  • Functioning inner side pocket.

  • It's lightweight, yet sturdy.

  • It comes in 4 colors (Black, Chocolate, Jade, Saddle Brown).

  • Good price point for something leather and well made.

  • Inspirational quote on the inside! "She believed she could, and she did." One of my absolute favorites!

In using this bag for the past few weeks I haven't been without it much. Obviously when I'm riding I don't need my purse with me. However, it's been with me whenever I have run into town or much of anywhere for that matter. It's small and lightweight so I never feel like I need to lug it around with me anywhere. I have a clip on my keys and I've found clipping them to the strap provides me even more freedom in not having to dig into my pockets for my keys. Another win!

I'm sure it's apparent that I am a big fan of The Medicine Bag. You'd better believe it! I already know that I am ordering one for a special friend in my life who I know will love it as much as I do. This bag also has me curious about some of the other bags STS Ranchwear has to offer. I do believe I'm going to be doing some shopping. There's nothing more fun than shopping with confidence knowing what you are going to get will be worth the money and that most likely it will become a favorite of yours. Take it from me, that's what you will get with STS Ranchwear products!

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Oh, one more thing - I get to GIVEAWAY a black STS Ranchwear Medicine Bag too so be sure to enter here: ENTER GIVEAWAY





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