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What We Focus On Grows...

Living out here in the middle of nowhere has taught me a lot, but perhaps the best thing I’ve learned is also the most important. Above comes first. With things the way they are it can make a person feel anxious, upset, and overwhelmed. If you can shut out what you can’t control and focus on what you can it helps a person be that much happier. Everything I do is for this young man right here...our son. He is everything to me. Now more than ever we are focused on teaching him life skills and making memories together that will help him as he grows up. We are doing fun things as a family right here and growing stronger mentally by doing it. It brings me joy seeing him grow as he is. He has a strong mind, pure heart, and a good work ethic. He’s a happy kid who cares about other people and animals. I can’t ask for more. Here’s to helping our kids be the best they can be so they can adapt and grow in our ever-changing world!



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