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Family History - Post 2

I can't remember when I first discovered that we had a written family history. But, I do remember being excited about it. History has always held my interest, but I've especially been keen on my own family's history. Perhaps it gives me a sense of knowing where I come from. Sadly, the Native American side of my family has no written history...there is absolutely nothing to know about there. This actually devastates me, but there is little I can do about it other than use my imagination and perhaps do a little research as I have on my own.

The fact that my Great, Great Grandfather wrote so many things down is a real treat for me. I have read his hand-written memoirs several times now. It is fascinating to me how my ancestors (and truly all of the pioneers) persevered in the conditions that they did. I didn't know this, but apparently writing is something that runs in our family. Now I know where I get that part of me from. Even though his has long since departed this world, I'd like to thank my Great, Great Uncle Walter Carlton Reukauf for his due diligence in putting together our family history. I treasure it and am enjoying sharing it piece by piece with the world.

"Dedicated to Father and Mother,


Those hardy and fearless ancestors that braved untold hardships and perils in establishing the roots of our family in the soil of America in colonial and Neo-colonial times.


A grateful descendant who honors their names for a family inheritance of longevity, hardihood, self-reliance and independent character."

Walter Carlton Reukauf

Winneconne, Wisconsin




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