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My Family History - Post 1

I've decided to post an excerpt from my family's history books as often as I can during this time. I've always known there is a lot to learn from our history and the people that we should thank for our mere existence. I feel that more than ever. I'm blessed to know that my ancestors forged a path and didn't give up easily. They did SO much....with SO little.

I hope you enjoy these as I share them. This first post comes from the foreword in our genealogy/family history book. It's a direct quote from Scribners Magazine of February 1885.

"In these days when there is so much talk of National wealth and greatness, we ought to recognize, as we usually do not, our obligations to the decent men and women from whom we have the good fortune to be derived. The ancestor who hands down money gets recognition...we name our children after him and try to keep his name before the world, but the saints in our family records...the men and women who have made a stand against the evils of a Godless, immortal and greedy society...we do not half appreciate. It is a pity we are so dull and thoughtless."



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