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Advice From Cows


I’ve worked around cattle for many years of my life. It really wasn’t until I became a mother 11 years ago that I really started paying attention to the maternal role models around me. You might laugh at my mention of cows, but I’m serious. I’ve learned a lot from them and you can too! Some of these I’ve been enlightened on include: •Patience •Determination •Focus •Strength •Tenacity •Heartiness •Faith •Hardcore Maternal Instincts 🙌🏼 •Cows are extremely patient. They don’t try to hurry the world up to suit theirs wants and desires. •Cows have a determination to survive in all circumstances. They don’t complain. And yes, I know they can’t speak English, but I’m telling you…even if they could you wouldn’t hear them bitching around about things they can’t change. They wouldn’t waste their energy on such trivial things. •Cows have an insane focus as to their purpose in this world. They don’t question it. They do what they do and I think they are happier than we are because of it. •Cows have tenacity. Try to make one do something she doesn’t want to do and you’ll find out real quick about it. •Cows thrive in the harshest of conditions. They don’t give up…ever! Even when the odds are stacked against them. I’m not saying there aren’t hopeless situations, but you wouldn’t know that to see what they live through. Weakness isn’t bred into them. Cows are freaking strong! I mean they can withstand some of the worst storms and still come out on the other side unscathed. •Cows have faith. This one might surprise you a bit, but they do. I believe they have faith in what is. They roll with the punches and they persevere. They know their own minds and they don’t give a rip what anyone else thinks or says about it. •Cows have hardcore maternal instincts. Check out this picture of our first 2020 mama and her baby that I took today (Yay, for Friday the 13th).

Bring the picture up close on her face…that’s not mud. It’s porcupine quills. This badass mama obviously had a tangle with that prickly creature and came out okay. Since the quills aren’t a concern for her to eat we will access how to deal with this when appropriate. I just know that this mama birthed her calf and had it up sucking by the time I got by this morning to check on them. I’ve seen cows fight for their young…it’s a sight to be seen. I’m in awe of them truly! 💯 Now, this comparison may have you scratching your head. That’s your right to do so. However, if you aren’t a rancher or in agriculture you really don’t know. Life is just different out here in the middle of nowhere. We see all kinds of things that the busy world misses and has forgotten about. I’ll tell you that most of my best life lessons came from working with animals that can’t say a word to me. However, what I hear loud and clear from them speaks volumes. 🤠 A STORM IS COMING…hell, it’s already here. Literally, snow flakes are flying and it’s going to pile up. This is a good analogy to what is happening right now with the Corona Virus. I know what my cows are doing…and I’m following suit. They don’t live in fear. They have felt it coming on and are nestled in. I choose to be optimistic, use my own mind, focus on my own family, help those in need, not be a negative Nelly, stay home and enjoy these wide open spaces, slow down, rely on my faith, and know that this too shall pass. Hunker in and stay well, friends! ❤️



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