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Kinco's Cover Girl

What a surprise and thrill I received last night when I got our huge stash of mail that had been accumulating for 10 days while I was in Arizona at Art of the Cowgirl. A while back Kinco approached me about being their cover model/feature story for their 2020 product catalog. I was excited about this because I love Kinco gloves and use them daily out here on the ranch....and have for many, many years.

I enjoy the fact that they wanted to feature a woman rancher and that they acknowledge our important role in agriculture.

I’m honored to represent Kinco and I recommend their products to you. They are well-made, comfortable, versatile, and a necessity. You also can’t beat the fact that Kinco has an amazing story that began in 1975 in Oregon. Kinco has amazing core values and I love their Glove 101 philosophy. I believe these are just a couple of reasons why they do so well!

If you don’t wear Kinco’s...get out there and get yourself a pair or two. You’ll be glad you did!



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