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The 2nd Annual Art of the Cowgirl

This entire week I am at Art of the Cowgirl in Phoenix, Arizona. Leaving South Dakota's frigid temperatures behind was a welcome reprieve for me. I may have to do some convincing to myself to get back on that plane to head home next week. :)

Last year's inaugural event was one that left a big impression on me. I enjoyed every minute I was there and I was eager to help out this year when I was asked. I will be helping in the arena by directing the women's ranch rodeo and the World's Greatest Horsewomen competition. We have 3 days of long hours to put in that will decide who the top competitors are coming back for Saturday's finals at Corona Ranch. Come on out to Buckeye Equestrian Center Wednesday-Friday to take in the action!

I will also be emceeing at the Priefert arena on Sunday at Corona Ranch. This is the day the Elite Ranch Horse Sale takes place. This will be a must-not-miss event. I've seen pictures and videos of quite a few horses that are in this sale and all I can say is, "WOW"!

It's not too late to decide to get to the Art of the Cowgirl! Tickets are on sale on their website. You can also buy raffle tickets for that incredible Bryan Kendrick saddle that is up for grabs. Believe me....I'm buying quite a few for this...and keeping my fingers crossed! :) Here is a link to check it out for yourself: click here.

I hope to see you there. Search me out and say hi...and be ready to enjoy the most amazing weekend ever!



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