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Maintaining Sunshine - Art of the Cowgirl

“One must maintain a little bit of sunshine, even in the middle of winter.” ~ Henry David Thoreau 🌞 With below zero temperatures here lately, I’m maintaining sunshine by packing today for my trip to Phoenix, Arizona next week and visualizing 70 degree temperatures. I’m super excited to be helping out at the Art of the Cowgirl this year! 🤠 I attended last year and wrote a three-part blog series on all that occurred there. You can find it searching right here on my blog. I’m helping direct the women’s ranch rodeo and the World’s Greatest Horsewoman competition. I’m also emceeing in the Priefert arena on Sunday. 🐴 The lineup for this second year is amazing and is sure to delight all who attend. There are workshops to attend, master artists speaking, vendors galore at the trade show, master clinicians presenting, art show, Elite Ranch Horse Sale, concerts, ranch rodeo finals, and the final competition for the WGH, etc. The list goes on and on! 😮 Seven days in the Arizona sunshine is just what this cowgirl needs. I hope to see you there! Please find me and say hello...I love visiting with old and new friends every chance I get! ❤️ Bring on the Art of the Cowgirl and that Arizona sunshine!! Click here to check out the lineup for this year's Art of the Cowgirl. ❗️



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