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Stagecoach Robbery Reenactment

“Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.” ~ Julia Child 💯 For of my passions has been photography. I have been taking pictures since the first time I got my hands on a camera, which was so long ago I can’t remember how old I was. 😊 My dad gave me my first 35mm camera for Christmas when I was 16. That was a pivotal thing for me and deepened my interest in photography. ❤️ However, as life takes us down different roads...I didn’t focus on photography for many, many years. When it found me again I was older and wiser. I have found a love for photography that is hard to explain. Other artists understand. 🙌🏼 Up until last weekend I’ve been self taught. I finally attended my first photography event. I actually went as a guest speaker for Women In Business. I ended up enjoying several of the classes they offered at the Black Hills Photo Shootout. My favorite was the Stagecoach Robbery. 🐴 My advice to everyone (myself included) is to get involved with things you enjoy. Step out of your comfort zone. It will bring new people into your life, more happiness, and more opportunities! 💋



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