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We Depend On You Too!

Today and every day I’m thankful for the life I live. ❤️ Being involved in agriculture as a cattle rancher isn’t easy, but it’s so worth it. We aren’t always able to gauge our blessings monetarily, but let me assure you…we are beyond rich out here! 🤠 We are wealthy when it comes to work ethic, gratitude, pride, responsibility, wide open spaces, and having a full heart in what we do. 😍 We are so blessed to live the life we do and we know it. We never take it for granted. We work hard every day…and hold our breath to see what the market will give us for our calves each fall. That one pay check per year determines everything for us. 😮 The next time you go grocery shopping or eat out. Think about where that beef comes from that you consume. I hope you realize that USA-Raised Beef is the best there is. We hold our standards high to ensure that you and your family get the best quality. Demanding USA-Raised Beef also helps to support family ranches like ours. We depend on the citizens of this country to make ends meet….and to continue doing what we’ve done for generations. 🙌🏼 Please support your local ranchers by making the best choice you can. We all thank you for your loyalty! 🐂



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