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Labor Day Weekend (Working Cattle)

Cattle are our lifeline. Every year over Labor Day weekend we work our cattle in preparation of shipping our calves next month. 🤠

Being a rancher is a 365 day thing. During the holidays we don’t normally take time off. We devote this time to ensure that our herd is well cared for. That’s not to say that we never take a day or two here and there, but when most people are on holiday...we are working. 🐂

And guess what...we wouldn’t want it any other way! 🐴

Our agriculture roots go back many, many generations. This life is in our blood. We have a lot of pride out here and we love what we do. ❤️

I love having the opportunity to work hard daily for this life that I love. Whatever you do for a living...I hope you feel the same way! Happy Labor Day weekend, friends! 💋



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