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Turquoise Fever?!

I've got the fever.....Turquoise Fever, that is!

When I was a little girl my Great Aunt Ruth gave me a curious little soft carrier. It was light pink in color and felt like velvet. I remember unzipping it with excitement to see what was inside. Imagine my surprise when the most beautiful colored jewelry I had ever seen sprang forth. It was turquoise jewelry set in silver. It had been her daughter's, whom I had never met. She had passed away years before. I guess Aunt Ruth gave it to me as a way of making sure it stayed in the family and that it would be cherished. She lovingly gave it to me and I graciously accepted. Even at that young age, I knew how precious it was. My Aunt Ruth and her husband Elmer loved being rock hounds. As I was told, they had found all of the stones in that jewelry and eventually had bracelets, rings, earrings, and pendants made out of it. They then gave it to their daughter, Jeannette, which eventually become a gift to me. I loved that jewelry back then and I love it still.

This was the first time I remember being mesmerized by anything in the jewelry category. Some gals love diamonds, but for me it will always be turquoise. I love it all....big and small! As I get older, I find myself looking for quality items to add to my wardrobe instead of frivolous items that are more of a fad. Quality over quantity has become my motto as I've transitioned to a "less is more" type of living. This is why I love turquoise. It isn't a fad. In my opinion and in the opinion of all other turquoise lovers out's always in style and goes with everything!

I was absolutely thrilled when the Communications Coordinator from INSP contacted me a couple of weeks ago regarding a brand new television series. She asked me to write about it and I jumped at the opportunity. Guess what it focuses on? TURQUOISE!!

Yes, I have to admit the hair stood up on my arms when I read her email! I couldn't wait to watch the first episode that she sent me. I loved it! I learned a lot watching it too. I love turquoise (as you gathered from what I wrote above) however, my knowledge of where it comes from, how it is mined, and the trials and tribulations that go along with it weren't even on my radar. Wow!!! My hat is off to the Otteson family!

Donna Otteson, the matriarch of the Otteson family, is a 3rd generation turquoise miner. The Otteson family owns dozens of mines in the Nevada and Colorado area. It's a family affair and has been since their family founder, Lynn Otteson, staked his first claim in 1958. Now, the entire family works together in the business. Donna long with Danny, Tony, Trent, Tristan, and other Otteson family members work various mines and positions in the company. What I gathered from watching the pilot is that it's not easy what they do, but their spirit of not giving up is one I totally get behind.

I enjoyed learned a bit about the different types of turquoise, how it is formed, and the various mines they operate. It's some rugged terrain they work in and quite desolate. I can totally relate to that as well as not having cell service a lot of the time. We deal with that out here in the middle of nowhere South Dakota also. The pioneer spirit is alive in all of us that choose to live this type of life. It may not always be easy, but it's the best life for all of us.

Turquoise Fever is one the entire family will enjoy. That's one of the things I love about INSP programming. I don't have to worry about my ears burning or my eyes seeing something that I wish I hadn't seen. Also, I know it's appropriate for our ten year old son to watch. We enjoy watching programs that teach as they tell a story. This show is all of that and more. I can't wait to watch the entire season, which will consist of 7 episodes. Will you be watching also?

Turquoise Fever will premiere on August 14th, 2019 on INSP TV. You can find INSP on:

Dish Network on channel 259 and DirecTV on channel 364

at 7 pm PST - 7 pm MST - 8 pm CST - 9 pm EST



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