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What Is Wellness?

When you think of wellness what comes to your mind? ❓ My thoughts on this have changed over the years. Since becoming a certified health coach it’s really evolved! ❗️ I think of wellness as an overall positive state of living from head to toe. I believe when we have optimal wellness we are in perfect harmony with ourselves, others, and nature.

💯 We are more natural and less into fake things. We realize that less truly is more. We understand that we only have one body and life...we treat it more kindly. We slow down and limit noise/distractions that don’t help us grow in a positive way.

🙌🏼 How do you create this for yourself? 😊 I personally make sure that I get close to nature daily. I fully enjoy the smell of the grass, the feeling of the sun on my skin, and the sounds of our mares and foals grazing. I focus intently on grounding my thoughts to simple things. I drink in every ounce of the moments I’m in out here. I practice gratitude above all else consistently. 🐴 I also listen to myself more closely. It’s amazing what your own body will tell you. I no longer think negative thoughts and I’m a lot kinder to myself. I am only in competition with the person I was yesterday. I aim to make every day better than the one before. I strive to improve myself, learn new things, meet new people, help others more, create meaningful relationships with others, and to focus on experiences more than things. 🤠 What do you do for yourself daily in this regard? If you haven’t thought about this before I hope you do now and I hope you take the steps to create more wellness for yourself and your family! ❤️



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