😮 Here’s proof of what 6 months of figuring eating out can do! And yes, I still Thrive every day...but I wasn’t helping it any by what I was cramming into my pie hole daily!

😬 I honestly can’t believe that was me, but then again, it is. I had to search hard for a full length picture of myself. I was pretty good about getting the angle just right and using filters to feel like I looked better. Good grief...but that’s the honest truth.

🙄 However, now....no more nonsense. I feel better than ever and I look better too. Tomorrow I turn 46 years old and I feel better than I did in my 20’s. Getting my shit together concerning my food choices has been key....and it’s the best gift I could ever give to myself.

💋 Ready to get past the yo-yo dieting mentality too? A new 10 Pound Takedown Challenge starts on July 15th. Message me for info. You don’t have to Thrive to do it, but I honestly believe it’s been my secret weapon this whole time for several reasons.

💯 I’m ready to do this....are you ready too?!