The Legend of 5 Miles Cave - Interview with Jeremy Sumpter

The Legend of 5 Mile Cave is a family-appropriate movie that I recommend watching! I was given the chance to watch it before it premiered and now I can't wait to rewatch this show with my family. I hope you join us in viewing this exclusive television presentation on INSP!

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I had the pleasure of interviewing actor Jeremy Sumpter. Jeremy plays the young version of Shooter Green in The Legend of 5 Mile Cave.

I enjoyed the role Jeremy played and his thoughts on it. Here's that interview:

CGW: When did you begin acting?

JS: When I was 11, my father heard a commercial on the radio about an opportunity to compete in a talent competition in Los Angeles. I went to a meeting at a local agency and was chosen to compete. At the competition I won several awards and signed with my manager.

CGW: How did you get involved with acting?

JS: About six months after I signed with my manager, my father and I moved to Los Angeles. I auditioned for a role in "Frailty" and was cast by Bill Paxton to play one of his sons "Adam" in Bill's film directorial debut. I had a great time doing that movie with Bill and Matthew McConaughey and it received a great response. "Twister" had always been one of my favorite films so getting to work on my first film with Bill Paxton was amazing.

CGW: How did you hear about the role of Shooter Green?

JS: My agent and manager told me about the role and movie and I knew I wanted to do it.

CGW: Why did you want this role?

JS: I have always been a big western fan and loved the script, so this was the perfect film for me.

CGW: Did you do anything special to get ready for this role since the timeline ranges from 123 years to 90 years ago?

JS: I have seen almost every modern western film and many of the classics so I could hardly wait to bring Shooter to life. I didn't do anything special except read the script and begin to envision who I thought Shooter was.

CGW: How long did filming take place?

JS: I believe it took 16 days to do principal photography.

CGW: Where did filming take place?

JS: The part I was filming took place at Old Tucson Studios. I could just feel the history the first time I walked down the street. Great westerns with John Wayne, Clint Eastwood and many others were filmed here so it was an amazing experience.

CGW: What is your favorite scene?

JS: I really like the scene where Shooter meets the love of his life and tries to show off to impress her and ends up having her show him up. It makes me laugh every time.

CGW: Did the role mirror your own life in any way?

JS: The role didn't really mirror my own life except that Shooter was a good guy and I try to be one also in real life.

CGW: Can you identify with the desperation Shooter must have felt being imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit as well as