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The Legend of 5 Mile Cave - Interview with Jill Wagner

The Legend of 5 Mile Cave is a family-appropriate movie that I recommend watching! I was given the chance to watch it before it premiered and now I can't wait to rewatch this show with my family. I hope you join us in viewing this exclusive television presentation on INSP!

The Legend of 5 Mile Cave can be seen on INSP You can find it on:

Dish Network: Channel 259

DirecTV: Channel 364

I had the pleasure of interviewing actress Jill Wagner. Jill plays Susan Tilwicky in The Legend of 5 Mile Cave.

I enjoyed learning more about her role and about her background. Here is that interview:

CGW: When did you begin acting?

Jill Wagner: I didn’t begin acting until I was about 23.

CGW: How did you get involved with acting?

JW: I didn’t take any acting classes in high school or college, I kind of fell into it when I went to L.A. I thought I would go there for a really long vacation and it turns out I never went back to NC after an agent told me I should audition for a show called “punk’d” with Ashton Kutcher. I booked the role of the first female sketch performer on that show and I never turned back.

CGW: How did you hear about the role of Susan Tilwicky?

JW: I had a show called “Handcrafted America “ on INSP so the network (which is the owner of INSP Films) knew me from hosting that. I also have worked with Gary Wheeler before.

CGW: Why did you want this role?

JW: It was a period piece and a western, two things I have never done but were on my bucket list.

CGW: Did you do anything special to get ready for this role since the timeline is 90 years ago?

JW: Yes, I researched what the dialect was back then.

CGW: Where did filming take place?

JW: I’m not quite sure as we filmed in Georgia and Arizona but I was only in Georgia for my scenes.

CGW: What is your favorite scene?

JW: I love when Josie meets Shooter and also I loved the scene where Sam tells Susan a secret he has been keeping from her.

CGW: Did the role mirror your own life in any way?

JW: I do live on a farm now and I would walk through fire to save it, so I understood Susan’s desperation.

CGW: How is this role different than those you have played before?

JW: It’s a period piece and a western.

CGW: How is this role similar to those you have played before?

JW: I am usually cast in strong female roles and Susan is all that and more. She is also a mother which I have played before and quite enjoy it.

CGW: Do you ride horses?

JW: I'm not an avid rider, but I love horses and plan on adding some to my farm in Tennessee. I am a true “cowgirl" though, I rescue cows and keep them as my pets. They are amazing animals and I have fallen in love with them.

CGW: What did you enjoy most about filming this movie?

JW: To be in a western has always been a dream of mine. I have always wanted to play Annie Oakley, that’s my dream role. I loved the cast and crew, we just had a ball filming.

CGW: Do you have other movies coming out? If so, what are they?

JW: "Mystery 101" is my mystery series for the Hallmark Movies and Mystery channel. That will air in September. I also have a Hallmark Christmas movie coming out this Christmas called "Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses" with Matt Davis from the "Vampire Diaries."

CGW: Anything else you’d like my readers to know?

JW: I hope your readers will watch "The Legend of 5 Mile Cave" and will support westerns as I feel Hollywood needs to make more in that genre. I hope everybody enjoys this little film as I know we all really enjoyed making it.

Be sure to tune in tonight for the premiere of The Legend of 5 Mile Cave!



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