The Legend of 5 Mile Cave - Interview with Jet Jurgensmeyer

The Legend of 5 Mile Cave is a family-appropriate movie that I recommend watching! I was given the chance to watch it before it premiered and now I can't wait to rewatch this show with my family. I hope you join us in viewing this exclusive television presentation on INSP!

The Legend of 5 Mile Cave can be seen on INSP. You can find it on:

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I had the pleasure of interviewing actor Jet Jurgensmeyer. Jet plays Tommy Tilwicky in The Legend of 5 Mile Cave.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching Jet's performance. He definitely comes across as a seasoned actor no matter his youth. Here is our interview:

CGW: When did you begin acting?

JJ: I started acting when I was 4. I’ve done it for most of my life. I love it and I think I will continue doing it for as long as I can.

CGW: How did you get involved with acting?

JJ: My parents owned a restaurant in Nashville, TN. We had a dinner show there. I was always part of the show and wanted to get on stage and perform. I loved making people smile and hearing them clap for me. It was just fun. Our family friends are The Mandrell Family (Barbara, Louise and Irlene). Their Mom, Mary, suggested because I seemed to enjoy performing so much that maybe I should try acting. They introduced me to an agent (Mark Block from The Block Agency) and I started booking jobs from my very first audition. I was really fortunate.

CGW: How did you hear about the role of Tommy Tilwicky?

JJ: Well my agent said they wanted to see me for this role. I had worked with the director, Brent Christy, on another project a few years earlier called “Woodlawn,” so he knew who I was. Normally, it takes callbacks and more steps you go through before you get the role. This was great because after the audition they called and said I had the part.

CGW: Why did you want this role?

JJ: I love westerns and have always wanted to do one and a period piece. I like movies that the whole family can watch. “The Legend Of 5 Mile Cave” is all of that.

CGW: Did you do anything special to get ready for this role since the timeline ranges back 90 years?

JJ: I studied the role like I normally do and really try to see myself in this character’s life. You know, playing Tommy just seemed pretty natural to me. I guess because my family has a farm and I have always been around horses and cattle. It just sort of felt like home to me, and Jill Wagner, who plays my Mom, and Adam Baldwin, who plays Sam, also made it easy. We all just hit it off and got along so well.

CGW: How long did filming take place?

JJ: It really only took us a few weeks to film our part and then a few more weeks in Arizona for the 1800’s part. This cast and crew were so prepared. Everyone there loved being involved in this project. You could just feel it.

CGW: Where did filming take place?

JJ: We filmed our part in Toccoa, GA. It is so beautiful there. My family and I just fell in love with it. So many nice people and cool things to see while we were there.

CGW: What is your favorite scene?

JJ: You know, this is really a hard question. There are so many that I really like. One scene that I would have to say I really like is when Tommy and Sam are sitting on the front porch. Sam is whittling and telling Tommy stories about Shooter Green. I think this scene just seems so comfortable and natural. You can see that they trust each other and there is a connection.

CGW: Do y