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What We Think

I remember this picture last year. I was speaking on stage in front of 20,000+ people. I had been doing a Keto lifestyle (way of eating) for six months and I thought I looked great! :)

However, I met a few bumps in the road last spring and fall. I plummeted down from where I was. It's funny how we think of ourselves isn't it?! We don't really lie to ourselves, but we don't really tell ourselves the cold hard truth either. I didn't for a long time? How about you?!

When I finally looked in the mirror without my blinders on...I was shocked by what I saw. But instead of making excuses and falling back into the same pitfalls that had gotten me to being overweight and miserable I decided to take a different approach. I dug deep. I did some soul searching. I quit making excuses. Here is what has happened for me in just 4 short months!

Are you ready to make some positive changes for yourself? If so, click here and let's chat!



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