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Lose The Winter Fluff!

Who is ready to kick it up a notch?! Summer will be here soon, which means less clothes and more skin showing. 👙☀️

My Winter Fluff Weight Loss Initiative starts on Friday, March 15th! 💯

Join me...and feel free to invite your friends by sending them this link:

Once you/they fill out the quick form you/they will be directed to my group so I can add you/them. I will be doing daily posts and videos that include tips of how my hubby and I have both lost 25 pounds in 2 months! This will provide knowledge and accountability for everyone in this group! We will also have some fun giveaways and such, but this isn’t a challenge or a competition...we are all in this together! 💪🏼😘

This first session will go for 2 months... March 15th - May 15th. 😎

It’s free to join! You have nothing to lose, but that winter fluff!! ☁️:)



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