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The Similarities in Ranching & Marriage

Happy 47th Anniversary to my folks, Cliff & Lila Glade!

Growing up with them as my role models I learned what a true partnership was all about. A ranch doesn't run itself and it doesn't keep running for long if everyone isn't 100% vested in every single thing. To me, ranching is a lot like a marriage. You have to work together, communicate, and be "all in" for the happily ever after to be just that.

In both regards, I've also learned's not always going to look perfect or be all roses. Sometimes there are going to be miscommunications and hurt feelings. Sometimes it rains when we want sunshine. Sometimes cattle prices aren't what we hoped. Sometimes he's going to track mud through the kitchen. Sometimes we give more than we take. Sometimes we take more than we give.

Ranching and marriages have a lot of peaks and valleys. From personal experience and from watching my parents, I will tell you there are a heck of a lot more valleys than peaks. BUT...the decision in the beginning has to be made to be together...."for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part." To truly honor and live those words is how a person celebrates 47 years of marriage.

Thank you, Mom & Dad, for not only leading by example, but for giving me a realistic idea of what it would take for me to have the same success you have had in ranching and marriage. Love you both! XoXo, Cheyenne

P.S. I love the fact that Shane and I went on our first date on this very night...14 years ago. It wasn't planned that just happened. I love when what's meant to be...just is! <3



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