Art of the Cowgirl Review - Day 1

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the inaugural Art of the Cowgirl event in Phoenix, Arizona with my good friend Jamie Kirkpatrick. What an incredible 3 days it was! I decided that the best way for me to tell all of you what went on is to do a sort of review. I like doing reviews and I've done quite a few of them. I'm going to different review segments...starting now with the women's ranch rodeo. I hope you enjoy this!

The women's ranch rodeo preliminary was held on Friday, February 8th, 2019. This is what the schedule for the Art of the Cowgirl looked like:

We got up early and ventured out to the South Buckeye Equestrian Center. A friend of mine told me it had gotten down to 28 degrees the night before there so the fact that I was freezing made sense. We had flown out of Rapid City the day before with it being almost -40 with the wind chill. I was a bit shocked it was that chilly in Arizona, but I have heard that it can get quite cool there. At any rate, we were up and ready to watch some women's ranch rodeo action. We arrived right before 8 am when everything was getting started. At 8:30 am the Elite Ranch Horse event began. Here is what that entailed:

I really enjoyed watching the gals and their horses going through the pattern, working a steer, and then roping it. Talk about handy! Call me funny, but I love to watch horses who can rock a flying lead change! :)

After the Elite Ranch Horse event came the Team Roping. This was good watching! Teams of 4 gals broke off into partners. They each had to head and heal their steer. The 5 second rule applied. The time stopped when both sets of ropers were stretched tight. I didn't get any pictures of this event because at that time I literally was so frozen I couldn't move....almost kidding!

After the Team Roping came the Sort & Doctor event. This was good watching too! The 4 gal team went through a gate in some panels. One team member had to sort off their steer and work him for 30 seconds. After the whistle blew the team brought the steer through the gate. They headed and healed the steer. The 2 team members not roping dismounted to get ropes in the right spot. The head rope was removed and placed on the 2 front legs. The heal rope was placed on both hind feet if only one had been caught. The steer was then considered doctored once the ropes were pulled tight and the 2 team members on the ground were clear.

During the Sort & Doctor event I witnessed something really awesome involving one cowgirl in particular. This cowgirl is.........11 years old and her name is Emme Randall!! She was a member Bad Rash Cattle Co. Look at this picture below of her snagging two feet on that steer. Not only did she rope the heck out of that critter, but she also dallied him up and stretched him out like an old pro!