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Day 16 Confession #Last90Days

Day 16 Confession - I didn't get my exercise in yesterday....oh, the shame! I figured if I'm going to post the highs along this journey I had better also post the lows (or not so perfect moments). No excuses....but the fact is I don't have my treadmill out here at the ranch. We are dealing with lots of mud right now so walking outside wasn't a possibility. Also, we are getting ready to ship our calves tomorrow so everything is in high gear also. No brow beating, negative self-talk, or feeling bad about it. I know once this super important "all hands on deck" time is over I'll get back on track. I do know I'm not lazing around on the couch...I probably walked 20,000 steps yesterday! lol I think the greatest thing about improvement is that it doesn't happen's not about how fast the race is run, but the fact that you are putting one foot in front of the other to get to the destination of your choosing. Your journey will most likely look different than others....and that's the way it should be. I like thinking of this like makes me smile and it's awesome to not always have the all or nothing attitude. I'm enjoying this #Last90Days and I hope you are too. Oh, yeah, and......I still haven't eaten a piece of bread!! :)



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